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Texas Oil Tycoon Sid Bass to Divorce, $2.1 Billion at Stake

Known as the “Queen of the Metropolitan Opera,” socialite Mercedes Bass and her Texas oil tycoon billionaire husband Sid Bass are set to undergo what some tabloids call the “biggest high-society divorce since [the couple’s] last divorces.”

Mercedes and Sid’s marriage in 1986 caused a controversy when the two met over a roll of bread while married to other spouses. Mercedes reportedly got Sid’s attention 25 years ago by throwing a bread roll at him. Mercedes had been married to Ambassador Francis Kellogg at the time, and Sid had been married to Anne Bass with whom he had two children.

Sid and Mercedes married and became the toast of New York City, achieving prominence in the city’s social life and donating substantial sums of money to the Met. According to sources, Sid has had enough of that lifestyle. He no longer wants to attend tuxedo-mandatory functions, preferring to relax and paint at his properties on Manhattan’s East Side, in Fort Worth, Texas or in Aspen, Colorado. Mercedes, on the other hand, does not want to give up the socialite lifestyle. She continues to patronize the Met and attend social gatherings.

Sid is likely going to pay out a substantial sum of money to Mercedes. Sid’s divorce from Anna in 1986 cost him between $200 and $500 million. His current estate in Fort Worth alone is worth an estimated $16 million. Sid’s current net worth is estimated to be around $2.1 billion.

Given the amount Sid paid out for his first divorce, it is puzzling why he did not think about using a prenuptial agreement for his marriage to Mercedes to avoid giving away hundreds of millions of dollars from his fortune again. A postnuptial agreement could also have been an option. Have you used a postnuptial agreement to reflect financial changes that have occurred since getting married?

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