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Does Divorce Lead to an Early Death?

Researchers have looked for links between divorce and health problems in the past and have seen correlations between divorce and hair loss, mental problems and physical ailments like heart disease or cancer. But, could divorce lead to the ultimate health problem – death?

University of Arizona researchers gathered data from 32 studies that involved 6.5 million people in 11 countries. Amongst these people, there were 755,000 divorces and 160,000 deaths over the years. They found that divorced adults were 23 percent more likely to die at a younger age than their counterparts who remained married.

Determining whether there is a conclusive link between divorce and death is a more difficult endeavor. For one, the researchers concede that the people who are more likely to divorce may be the same people who are more likely to die at an early age. Spouses with anger problems or who suffer from depression or substance abuse are more likely to both divorce and die at a young age. It may not be the divorce, therefore, that is actually leading to death.

On the other hand, others have documented the negative effects of divorce. As we mentioned at the outset, there have been studies linking divorce with health problems like hair loss. Divorce also has a financial impact, particularly for women. Financial troubles following a divorce often go hand-in-hand with health problems, with both stemming from the divorce. Additionally, divorced couples usually do not keep in touch with the same social circles they had been in, so they will lose contact with neighbors and friends, which can also lead to health problems.

Did you notice any health effects following your divorce? How did you cope with some of the effects?

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