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Hulk Hogan Loses Out in Divorce Settlement

Hulk Hogan (actual name Terry Bollea) and his ex-wife Linda Bollea started the divorce process four years ago in 2007. Details about their divorce settlement just recently became public, and it looks like Linda is getting the better end of the deal.

The two married in 1983. Their life together with their children Brooke and Nick was the subject of a reality show, Hogan Knows Best, which began on VH1 in 2005. The show transitioned into a spin-off, Brooke Knows Best, focusing on Brooke and her singing aspirations. Hulk and Linda’s marriage came apart in 2007 when a woman came forward and admitted to having an affair with Hulk while the family was shooting their TV series.

Even though Hulk was a celebrity in the early 1980s at the time he married Linda, he and his wife did not sign a prenuptial agreement, which would have protected his assets. As a result, Linda received a lot in their settlement, including the following:

  • 70 percent of the couple’s liquid assets, amounting to $7.44 million from the couple’s bank and investment accounts (though, Linda will not receive alimony)
  • 40 percent ownership in Hulk’s companies
  • A $3 million property settlement
  • Several cars – a Mercedes-Benz, a Cadillac Escalade, a Corvette and a Rolls-Royce, to name a few of the vehicles

Even without a prenup, Hulk could have opted for a postnuptial agreement to specify how he and Linda would want to divide the couple’s assets in the event of a divorce. With neither in place, Hulk had to give up a great deal of his assets. Did you have success using a postnuptial agreement that later came in handy?

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