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Is the Fear of Divorce Making Adults Shy About Marrying?

Perhaps the biggest change in marital trends in recent decades is the number of Americans who are (or are not) getting married. We are at our lowest point ever in terms of married adults in the United States. In 1960, just 15 percent of adults had never been married. Today, that number is nearly 30 percent. The median age at which adults marry has risen to its highest ever – women get married today at 26.5 years old, while men do so at 28.7. These ages are about six years older than that age at which adults married 40 to 50 years ago.

Opinions vary widely as to why adults are getting married at an increasingly older age or never getting married at all. The Pew Research Center studied this phenomenon earlier in the month in a survey asking Americans about their thoughts on marriage. Interestingly, the one factor that appeared again and again was a fear of divorce. Almost 70 percent of respondents said that marriage scared them because they were worried about the social, legal, emotional and economic impact that a subsequent divorce would have.

These couples in the survey stressed that they wanted to make sure that they married “the right way” and only did it once. With just about half of all divorces ending in divorce (and a higher proportion ending in divorce for second or third marriages), the couples seemed to be aware that it would be very likely that their own marriage could have the same fate. The couples were also concerned about the emotional and financial consequences of divorce. As many divorced spouses can attest to, the impact of a divorce can be devastating and take years to get over.

If you recently became engaged or married, let us know if divorce fears played in a role in your relationship and how you overcame them. Could the increasing use of prenups amongst young couples be one way they are dealing with divorce fears? In what other ways did you prepare for marriage?

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