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Jessica Simpson Wants Prenup, Johnson Wants Fifty-Fifty

One of Texas’s more well-known celebrities, singer and actress Jessica Simpson is worth an estimated $700 million. She first came to the public eye in 1999 with her singing, but Simpson has since ventured into other endeavors, including starring in movies and reality TV shows and launching cosmetic, clothing and fragrance lines.

Simpson’s first marriage to singer Nick Lachey lasted three years and was the subject of the VH1 series Newlyweds: Nick and Jessica. She then began a high-profile relationship with Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo, with that ending in 2009. Last summer, Simpson began dating a former NFL player, Eric Johnson, and the two are now expecting a child together. The two may also be heading down the aisle together, but the prenup appears to be a sticking point.

With $700 million at stake, Simpson was wise to insist on a prenup, but, according to some sources, Johnson is trying to back out. Johnson reportedly wants the two to split their combined assets 50/50 in the event that they divorce, which certainly works out in his favor since he was a seventh round draft pick who has not played in the league since 2007. Simpson, on the other hand, has been involved in building an industry around her fame for over a decade now. She would stand to lose a large portion of that if the couple divorced.

Prenups may be a difficult subject for couples to broach, but they are useful in situations like the one Jessica Simpson is facing. Couples can make financial decisions at a better time – namely, on the way in – rather than waiting until they are on the way out. Have you used a prenuptial agreement? What led you to consider employing one?

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