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Military Servicemembers More Likely Than Others to Divorce

Our nation’s servicemen and women often face difficult periods of adjustment in going from family life to war zones and back, sometimes repeatedly, over the course of several years. Divorce rates are higher for married couples who serve in the military, and the rates have grown as our involvement in Afghanistan reaches 10 years now and our involvement in Iraq is at 8 years.

The stresses of multiple deployments can take their toll on married couples and their children. Nearly three-quarters of a million servicemembers have served more than one tour in Iraq or Afghanistan. In the past year, of the 765,000 married servicemembers, 27,312 divorced during their time in uniform. These numbers do not include divorces that come after military service is over, which are often due to post-traumatic stress syndrome and other difficulties adjusting back to civilian life.

The statistics also suggest that women more so than men face difficulties with their marriages. The divorce rate for servicewomen – whether for officers or enlisted – is nearly three times that of men. This higher divorce rate can compound their difficulties, as raising children as a single mom is tough enough, let alone while deployed in a warzone.

Recognizing the challenges that military service poses to marital relationships, all of the armed forces now offer some sort of marriage counseling to help couples recognize and deal with the challenges. Are you a veteran or currently in the armed services? What advice would you give to other married couples dealing with these challenges?

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  1. Divorce Blogger on December 5th, 2011

    Individuals who work in the army are far more likely to file for divorce in the UK too.

    It seems that the need for them to spend a lot of time away from the spouses catalyses marital discord.