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NBA Star Kobe Bryant and Wife Vanessa to Divorce

Los Angeles Laker star Kobe Bryant and his wife Vanessa have been through a lot together. Vanessa stood by his side in 2003 when Bryant went through sexual assault accusations. Kobe eventually admitted to an affair, but never faced criminal charges after his accuser refused to testify in the case. Vanessa has reportedly caught Kobe cheating several times since then, and she has finally had enough. Vanessa filed for divorce on December 1.

We do not yet know any property settlement details, and that information will likely not be coming out until early 2012. But we do know that, at least according to Vanessa’s mother, the two did not have a prenup, and it was Kobe who insisted on not having one. The decision might have been due to their young age at the time they married – Kobe was 22 and Vanessa 18.

The forthcoming property and child custody dispute will make interesting celebrity divorce news for the start of 2012. Kobe is worth a reported $150 million. In community property states like California and Texas, all the assets that the couple acquired during marriage are a part of the couple’s martial estate, so it is likely that Vanessa will receive a significant part of Kobe’s NBA earnings and endorsements from his years in basketball. Vanessa will also likely receive a substantial award for spousal support, which she has requested.

Both Kobe and Vanessa requested joint custody of their 5- and 8-year old daughters. Joint custody could mean different things depending on how the court rules. Joint legal custody means that Kobe and Vanessa will both play a role in making important decisions regarding their children’s lives like those pertaining to education or health treatment. Joint physical custody means that the children will live with Kobe and Vanessa at separate times according to a court-ordered schedule. Physical custody might be more difficult for Kobe to obtain given his grueling travel and practice schedule both during the NBA season and in the off-season when he is training.

Did you approach child custody in a creative way for your divorce case? How did you decide legal and physical custody rights?

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