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Parental Kidnapping by Singer Mindy McCready

Country singer Mindy McCready caused a stir when she took her son from his custodial grandparents in Florida and fled the state. Last week, police in Arkansas located McCready and her 5-year-old boy, Zander. She had taken him to a lake house owned by McCready’s boyfriend.

As Rhode Island family law attorney Timothy J. Conlon pointed out, McCready has not done herself any favors in trying to win back full custody of her son. She defied the court order that granted custody to her parents and then crossed state lines. She has alleged that her parents had been abusing Zander, but there has not been any indication that this is true. While McCready may have thought she was acting in the best interests of her son, she has now subjected him to more encounters with law enforcement and more courtroom battles.

This conduct will make it difficult for McCready to receive favorable court rulings this time around. Courts take a wide range of evidence into consideration when deciding which parent should receive custody. As we have discussed in past posts, even online activity is fair game for courts to consider. Parents hoping to reverse a child custody decision need to be on their best behavior.

Have you been involved in a lengthy and difficult child custody dispute? What evidence did the court take into consideration?

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