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Unclaimed Funds from Child Support May Be Out There

An article recently appearing in a Wisconsin newspaper highlighted the case of a woman originally from Wisconsin who moved to Texas. She neglected to collect child support payments that the father of her child had been paying. State officials tried to send the checks to her old Wisconsin address, but the Post Office returned the checks as undeliverable. Journalists behind the article determined that nearly 2,000 people in the state have unclaimed child support like that. The same problem occurs in every state, with some experts estimating that there are hundreds of millions of dollars in unclaimed child support out there.

The root of the problem is that people move without updating state officials as to their new address. As a result, state officials are unsure of where to send the money, and their coffers fill with unclaimed funds like child support. Many states, including Texas, maintain online databases where people can search for unclaimed property in their name. The Texas site notes that one in four Texans has unclaimed property from money they forgot about. The state holds $2.2 billion in cash that belongs to someone.

Claiming that money is often a straightforward process, requiring simply proof of identity. If you have moved recently or frequently, make sure that you do not have any unclaimed property belonging to you in Texas or in another state. Property stemming from a divorce, closed bank accounts or left behind safety deposit boxes may be out there.

Have you had any problems collecting child support after you moved?

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