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77-Year Marriage Comes to an End in Italy for 99-Year-Old

An Italian couple is set to become the world’s oldest divorcees after the revelation of an extramarital affair. The 99-year-old man and 96-year-old woman have been married since 1934, or 77 years. The couple has five children, 12 grandchildren and one great-grandchild. They have been through a lot together, but the discovery of an affair will be putting an end to the marriage in 2012.

What is making the headlines – in addition to their ages – is that the affair dates to a few years after World War II. The husband came across letters that revealed a 60-year-old affair that his wife had had. She admitted to the affair and tried to convince her husband that they should stay together, but he went ahead and filed (Italian newspapers blamed the man’s Sardinian blood for his temperament).

Older couples that divorce often face more severe consequences than younger ones do. For example, spouses near retirement or already retired may end up not having enough money to support themselves if they are on their own for the first time in decades. If one spouse never worked, spousal support could end up lasting a long time, though, in Texas, alimony is generally limited to three years. Additional concerns for divorcing spouses near retirement age include retirement and pension accounts and title to property.

Have you experienced a divorce near retirement? Do you have any wisdom to share with other couples going through one?

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