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Air Force Leads Armed Forces With Highest Divorce Rate

A December study from the Defense Department confirms a post we wrote earlier about how the demands of military life could possibly lead to an increased likelihood of divorce for America’s service men and women. The study found that, over the past 10 years, the divorce rate in the military increased every year but two – 2005 and 2008. The increased divorce rates appeared to hit one branch the hardest – the Air Force.

Just over a quarter of divorces in the military last year came from men and women in the Air Force, and the vast majority of those Air Force divorces came from enlisted men and women. The study also echoed earlier findings that military divorce affects women more than men, as women had higher divorce rates in nearly every military occupational specialty.

Experts point to several of the typical reasons for the increased divorce rates – the stresses of the work, multiple deployments and time away from home, the military lifestyle and readjustment upon returning home. One researcher adds that traditional societal expectations may also play a role. Women have traditionally been the ones to maintain homes and raise children. Even in a situation where both spouses are in the military, the workload is not similar because women often have more work to do at home, the researcher suggests, which can cause marital rifts.

Whatever the underlying cause, the military is taking more and more notice of divorce rates and their impact. Divorce is a stressful life event, and it can have a big impact on a service man or woman and the others with whom he or she works. Are you a married servicemember or did you go through a divorce while serving in the military? What wisdom can you share for other married servicemembers?

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