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Arnold and Maria: Are They Back Together?

All relationships are unpredictable to a certain extent, but celebrity ones seem to take the cake. A few months ago, most of us would probably not have predicted that Marie Shriver and Arnold Schwarzenegger would get back together. Arnold’s infidelity reportedly devastated Maria and the couple’s four children, and Maria seemingly wanted the divorce process to go as quickly as possible so that she could move on. She had moved into a new house months before she filed for divorce. Arnold even made some concessions, changing his mind and offering to pay spousal support and attorney’s fees for Maria. Now the tabloids are reporting that Maria may not want the divorce.

Reporters spotted Maria and Arnold together over the holidays, prompting rumors of the couple’s getting back together. Maria’s strong Catholic beliefs are reportedly persuading her from divorce, and Arnold has turned back on his charm, reportedly sending Maria presents and trying to sweet talk her.

At this point, though, all this talk is merely speculation. News will be forthcoming in the next couple weeks, as Arnold and Maria’s divorce could become official if the two go ahead. Like most states, California has a divorce waiting period. The period is six months, which puts us in January as the earliest that the two can finalize their divorce.

Like Mel Gibson and his wife Robyn Moore, whom we discussed yesterday, Arnold and Maria did not have a prenup, which means Maria stands to receive about half of Arnold’s estate, estimated to be around $400 million.

Have you recently gone through a divorce? How did the divorce waiting period affect your decisions?

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