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Does the Internet Increase or Decrease Divorce Chances?

Depending on whom you talk to, the internet and social media either increase the divorce rate or lower it. Some even contend that they do both, resulting in no net change for divorces in the past 10-20 years.

The theory behind the argument that technology decreases the divorce rate is that the internet and social media make it substantially easier and less costly to search for a potential spouse. If the search for a spouse is difficult and expensive, people are more likely to lower their standards, some have argued. In contrast, online dating sites have made it extremely easy to specify what characteristics people are looking for in a relationship partner. Because of the ease of these sites, people can have high standards, since they are more likely to come across someone meeting those standards. The end result is higher equality relationships and, eventually, higher quality marriages.

Some have argued the opposite, though – that the internet and social media make it easier for spouses to divorce, as it is easier for spouses to cheat. The same resources that make it easy to find a soul mate make it easy for spouses unsatisfied with their marriages to have an affair or to seek out a new partner who may be a better match.

Academic research has yet to confirm either side. The latest study looked at the relationship between divorce and internet access and usage, but it did not find any statistically convincing evidence that technology either increased or decreased the likelihood of divorce.

What has your experience been with the internet, social media and relationships? Does your experience support any of these theories?

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