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First Celebrity Divorce in 2012 – Katy Perry, Russell Brand

The first big celebrity breakup news of 2012 occurred over the New Year’s weekend – signer Katy Perry and comedian Russell Brand will be divorcing. The couple met at the 2009 MTV Music Awards, dated for a year and then married in India in October of 2010. Sources are reporting that the couple did not have a prenuptial agreement.

Brand is the one who filed for divorce, as Perry reportedly wanted him to do so given her parents’ religious beliefs. He made the filing in Los Angeles Superior Court, meaning that, like so many celebrity couples, their divorce will be taking place in a community property state. In these states, which include both California and Texas, the law presumes that everything that a couple acquired during their marriage is a part of their marital estate. A judge may then split the marital estate upon divorce right down the middle since Brand and Perry did not have a prenup.

Without a prenup, Brand will walk away from the marriage and more than double his net worth. Sources estimate Brand to be worth about $15 million. Perry’s worth is at least $44 million. Perry’s fame had already skyrocketed by the time the two married in the fall of 2010, so it is puzzling as to why she would not have wanted a prenup before marrying Brand. Even if they had married at the start of their careers (celebrities who did so include Mel Gibson and Arnold Schwarzenegger), it is not unreasonable for celebrities to keep what belongs to themselves by signing a prenup before heading into marriage.

Brand and Perry did not fully consider the financial aspect of their union – what it meant for their heading into it, and what it meant if they later split. Were you and your spouse both receptive to the idea of a prenuptial agreement to protect each of your assets?

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