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Mel Gibson Divorce Settlement Largest in Hollywood History

Nearly five years after they formally separated, Mel Gibson and Robyn Moore have agreed on a divorce settlement, which will take effect on January 9. Details about the settlement are confidential and will likely remain that way forever, but one important piece of information that leaked to the press was how much Moore will be receiving. Moore will probably never have to worry about money ever again – the divorce settlement is the largest in the history of Hollywood.

We knew that the figure would be large, as Gibson has been starring in, writing and producing movies for over 30 years now. Gibson also earns income from real estate deals on the side. Estimates place his entire estate at nearly $1 billion.

The couple did not have a prenuptial agreement when they married during the summer of 1980 in Australia. As a result, Moore will receive half of Gibson’s estate – about $425 million. California is a community property state like Texas. In these states, all of the assets that either spouse acquired during the time they were married became part of their marital estate, which is subject to division at divorce time. Additionally, Moore will continue to receive money for film residuals that Gibson earns on movies with which he was involved during their time as husband and wife. The couple has seven children together, but only one is a minor requiring a child support and custody agreement.

While Gibson did not have a prenup at the start, he could have used a postnuptial agreement to specify how he and his wife would like to split movie proceeds. This would have particularly been a good idea as his career took off with hits like the Lethal Weapon series and Braveheart.

Did you use a postnuptial agreement after you had already married? Why was it important for you to use one?

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