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Note to Lebron and High School Sweetheart: Use a Prenup

Miami Heat star Lebron James celebrated his 27th birthday by proposing to his high school sweetheart Savannah Brinson. James and Brinson have been together since James’s time at St. Vincent-St. Mary High School in Akron, Ohio where James first burst onto the national scene with his high school basketball exploits.

James and Brinson should consider signing a prenuptial agreement. In contrast to most celebrity couples, though, there is no reason to expect that the two will not be together forever. As high school sweethearts, the two have made it through James’s high school days under a national spotlight, the start of his career with the Cleveland Cavaliers and “The Decision” that announced his move to the Miami Heat. The couple also has two young boys together, the first of whom the couple had a year after James entered the NBA.

While James and Brinson appear to be a couple that could last, a prenup would just be a safety precaution for the NBA star who stands to lose a lot more than Brinson if the couple do part ways. Other NBA couples and their divorces might serve as examples to James – his idol Michael Jordan paid out $168 million to his wife Juanita when their 17-year marriage ended, and Kobe Bryant will be paying out about $75 million, sources estimate, when his divorce with Vanessa becomes final. Neither couple had a prenuptial agreement.

James has an estimated net worth of $110 million. He brings in $16 million a year from his basketball salary and close to $50 million a year in endorsement deals with companies like Nike, Sprite, Upper Deck and McDonald’s.

Did you use a prenup before heading down the aisle? How did you broach the topic with your spouse?

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