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Stressful Divorces Can Hurt Children’s Development

Most of us know all too well the effects of stress. Working excessive hours, traveling away from home for long periods of time or any other of the numerous stressors we face today can cause all sorts of problems – poor nutrition, overeating, losing sleep, developing physical ailments and hurting our relationships with other people are a few of the negative consequences of stress. Excessive stress hurts adults, but recent, strong words from the American Academy of Pediatrics underline how damaging stress can be to children.

The root of the problem involves the susceptibility of children. Because their brains, nervous system, and the rest of their body are still developing, stress can be particularly harmful to kids. The Academy warned that “toxic stress” can lead to lifelong emotional, intellectual and physical problems. Constant stress forces children’s brains to develop abnormally and can impair their judgment as adults. When children who faced severe stress become adults, their abilities to cope with stress can be lacking.

There are multiple stressors that can impact a child’s development – chaos, illness, violence, poverty, divorce or child custody fights, to name a few – but what hurts children the most, pediatricians found, was their parents or loved ones’ not teaching the children how to handle the stress. The children need to learn how to cope with and respond positively to stressors to overcome them and deal with new ones in the future.

Bitter divorces can have a severe impact on a family, and, as this new research suggests, children may have it worst of all. How did you help your children transition through divorce and other difficult times?

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