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Protective Orders Not Just for Preventing Domestic Violence

In cases of domestic violence, protective orders are an effective tool to keep an offender away from a victim. Protective orders are also useful for a number of other matters that may be involved when a relationship involves domestic violence. Your judge has leeway to make other orders that can help you and your child get away from the violence. Victims of domestic violence should seek all of the help that they need.

What are the benefits of a protective order?

  • When domestic violence is involved, a protective order can put an end to the violence by alerting the offender to his or her wrongdoing and by threatening arrest if the offender violates the order (police in the area will receive a copy of the order)
  • Protective orders are a quick legal process; they usually take up to 14 days at the most, but in cases involving an immediate danger to victims, the court can put in place an immediate order without holding a hearing
  • Protective orders can forbid an offender from harassing or threatening victims in any way, even if no physical contact is involved; they can also forbid an offender from going near one of his or her victims
  • A judge can include in the protective order a command to pay child support or a ruling that limits prior visitation rights
  • If you live with the offender, the judge can decide who will use what joint property that you two share
  • From the financial perspective, a judge can prevent an offender from moving property around, which some spouses have done preceding a divorce in order to hide assets that might be split when the divorce becomes final

Have you sought and used a protective order for something listed here or for another reason? What was your experience with the process?

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