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Temporary Alimony Helps Spouses During a Pending Divorce

While a divorce case is pending, the judge in your case has the ability to award temporary alimony or spousal support, which also goes by the term alimony pendente lite (“APL”). “Pendente lite” is a Latin phrase meaning “pending legislation.” APL can be appropriate when a couple has separated and is no longer in contact with each other. The couple technically remains married, so the spouse who had been the primary wage earner during the marriage cannot simply stop providing for the other. If this does occur, the judge in your case can order APL until the divorce becomes final.

A spouse can request APL for the same things that he or she would ordinarily request alimony for in a divorce decree – expenses like house payments and food, childcare costs, and even legal fees associated with the divorce. The payee should be able to maintain the lifestyle that he or she has led and continue doing so until the divorce becomes final. As with regular alimony, if you, your spouse and your attorneys can come to an agreement regarding APL without the court’s having to rule on the matter, you may do that as well.

In Texas, alimony pendente lite is available for couples undergoing a divorce. The divorces can be quick (as little as 60 days) or they may take months or years, so some financial support through APL can help spouses manage the financial aspects of their separation. The same considerations that go into an alimony award go into an APL decision in Texas. For example, your judge will consider the income and expenses of each spouse in order to determine how much APL is necessary for the payee spouse to continue in the same lifestyle until the divorce becomes final.

Have you received alimony pendente lite? How long did it take to start and how much did it help you transition into life after your divorce became final?

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