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Divorce Expo Ranges from Financial Planning to Matchmaking

On Monday we mentioned the recent, first ever American divorce expo, “Start Over Smart,” that took place in New York City. The goal of its organizers was to bring together experts and resources for those undergoing a divorce so that attendees could gather helpful information in one place and meet others going through the same thing. Divorce remains too much of a private matter, the organizers fear, making it difficult and painful for people undergoing a divorce to obtain support and correct information.

The types of expert advice available at the expo provide a good idea of the sorts of resources that you can seek to help you through the divorce. Whether your fears concern finances, legal ramifications, or something else, help is available.

Legal advice

An attorney is often the first person to whom someone turns when undergoing a divorce and for good reason. Attorneys file the paperwork and employ the services of other experts to ensure that your divorce adheres to the law. An attorney will help you understand filing requirements (divorce laws vary by state), child custody issues, prenuptial agreement interpretations, financial settlement options, and child or spousal support concerns. Often attorneys will work with accountants and professional appraisers to help you correctly value you or your spouse’s assets and businesses, a difficult and important matter in many divorce cases.


The expo also featured counselors who can help those undergoing a divorce cope with the ramifications of divorce. Divorce can have a big impact psychologically, and counselors can help you come to grips with the end of your marriage and the start of a new independent life. Counselors can be particularly helpful for spouses who have been married a long time and have not had to live on their own for decades.

Financial advice

Apart from the financial settlement of your divorce case, professional financial advisors can help you cope with new financial stressors that you may face both during and after the divorce. These experts help the newly divorced manage their money. If your ex-spouse handled most of the finances during your marriage, you may have questions regarding investments and budgeting with which financial experts can help.

Lastly, the expo also provided advice of a different sort. There were booths featuring plastic surgery professionals, matchmakers, beauty experts and fitness and spa services.

What professionals did you rely on when going through your divorce?

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