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Texas Divorce Forms Could Cause More Harm Than Good

Last week an advisory board from the Texas Supreme Court debated whether it would be a good idea to introduce divorce forms that would make it easier and cheaper for Texans to get divorced. Over the past year, the board had been working on designing such forms for lower income Texans. There is both a good and a bad side to the proposed form.

On the good side, the form could likely achieve its aim of lowering the cost and resources necessary to file for divorce. On the bad side, the forms could really only be beneficial to a small segment of the married population – those with few, simple assets and no children. The forms could be handy in cases like this because there is not much at stake, but in all other marriages, the forms could make things worse when people try to handle complex family law matters on their own.

This is an increasingly common concern given the growth of self-help legal information available on the internet. While these resources can be a good starting point to gather information, a legal matter is rarely as straightforward as a fillable form would seem suggest. The consequences for those who opt for this route can be severe and irreversible, unfortunately. A court treats your legal filings the same whether you file them yourself or whether an attorney does so. As a result, a judge will not take it easier on you because you are unfamiliar with the law and court procedures.

If your divorce involves aspects like child custody, child support, spousal support or the division of complex assets like family businesses or retirement plans, working with a Houston divorce lawyer is the best way to ensure that your case is handled property.

Have you had trouble trying to manage a family law problem on your own or through self-help forms?

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