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Why Do Most Divorce Filings Occur in March?

Which month qualifies as “the divorce month” during which the most divorces occur? Some have argued January, others February, but the latest reports are that the most divorce activity happens in March.

Data from the past several years show that, after a dropping off in divorce activity during the holidays, divorces spike up in January, continue to grow in February, and then reach their peak in March. Consumer legal website Findlaw.com found a similar trend amongst people doing web searches for divorce-related things. March had the most such hits.

What are the possible reasons for this trend? The drop off in divorces during the fall and through December is likely due to the holidays. Couples are more likely to try to work things out near the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays. Additionally, with all the time being spent around family, friends and co-workers this time of the year, people may be more hesitant to divorce out of fear of having to discuss the divorce at every holiday gathering they attend.

But the new year always brings changes, and it is at this point that couples considering divorce start taking concrete steps towards a divorce filing. Couples spend the first few weeks of the new year making the decision to divorce followed by researching and hiring attorneys. By March, they are prepared to file.

Taxes could also be a reason for early in the year divorce filings. The IRS determines your status as single or married on December 31 of every year. If you put off your divorce until the new year, you are able to file a joint tax return and take advantage of particular marital deductions for the prior year.

Did the calendar play a role in your divorce filing? What tax consequences or other considerations played a role in the date of your divorce?

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