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$270 Million and 6 Children Involved in Jolie-Pitt Prenup

Should Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt use a prenup for their forthcoming marriage? There is no doubt that, given the amount of money and assets involved, the two have a lot at stake. Both are worth hundreds of millions of dollars. Pitt regularly commands $10-30 million per movie. He has also produced a number of hit movies through his production company, Plan B. Jolie also earns several million per movie and has turned towards directing of late, producing the 2011 Bosnian War movie In the Land of Blood and Honey. The couple also took in a reported $15 million from People Magazine for photos of their twins Knox and Vivienne.

Jolie and Pitt prenup is likely

In short, each is worth a lot of money. Unlike some celebrity marriages, theirs is not one where it is clear that one spouse is worth substantially more than the other and that a prenuptial agreement is something that the wealthier spouse may want to consider. But given the sheer wealth involved (nearly a quarter of a billion dollars) and the complex nature of their family – three adopted children and three natural children – Jolie and Pitt will almost assuredly use a prenup.

Over $250 million at stake

A prenup will let the two take care of a number of issues they could face if they divorce down the line. For one, it lets them handle their finances while they are happiest; Hollywood divorces are rarely pleasant and straightforward, which makes it the worst time to be fighting over hundreds of millions of dollars. They could opt for a prenup as simple as keeping their film earnings and proceeds from producing or directing separate.

Prenups and children

Likewise, it is a smart move to decide how to care for their six children before a divorce. Both are officially adoptive parents of their three adopted children (Jolie adopted them first, but then Pitt officially adopted them several months to a year later). You cannot generally include too many details about child support or child custody in your prenup, as a prenup is geared more towards the two getting married, but you can agree to some terms, particularly if they are more generous than they might be under a later court ruling.

Did you use a prenuptial agreement for your marriage? What sorts of matters were important for you to include?

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