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Prom Costs – How Do Divorced Parents Pay?

By the time this blog posts, prom season will already be over for most Americans. Families with high school juniors and seniors will have had first-hand experience with a recent finding that prom costs are at an all-time high. Between prom tickets, limo rentals and dresses or tuxes, the average family spent a little over $1,000 on prom costs for 2012, experts estimated. Southern states like Texas fell right around the average of $1,000, but for many families in the northeast, average spending came close to $2,000. A fair question for divorced parents then is: who pays?

Divorced parents and prom costs

Children with divorced parents may have to make due with less extravagant proms, because, for many divorced couples, prom expenses are something neither side accounted for when they agreed on a divorce settlement. In other words, prom expenses will likely fall to the parent with custody. Child support calculations determine the amount that the payor parent has to provide to help the payee provide basic needs like food, shelter and medical care to the couple’s children. Additional expenses like prom do not usually factor into the calculation.

But, nothing prevents divorced parents from coming together in the divorce settlement or post-divorce to provide for their child’s prom expenses. Post-divorce, parents may wish to agree to share the costs of expenses like those for prom. They should discuss the matter well before the event, so that they can agree on what reasonable costs are.

On Wednesday, we will discuss ways that parents can include additional expenses in their child support obligations.

Are you a divorced parent? How have you handled splitting extracurricular expenses like prom costs?

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