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Your Divorce Attorney Partnership

Your Divorce Attorney Partnership

Houston divorce attorneys view their relationship with their client as a partnership. Communication and a clear understanding of your options is vital when working with your lawyer.

You should receive a written agreement that contains the specifics of your relationship. This agreement is often called a retainer or fee agreement. The agreement puts in writing how your divorce lawyer will charge you, the items that will incur a charge, your lawyer’s billing rates, and your lawyer’s responsibilities.

Retainers are standard in the legal profession. The formal agreement establishes the boundaries between you and your attorney. If you are not shown an agreement, ask for one. If you do not receive one, you should search for a new lawyer.

If you have questions about any part of the agreement, by all means ask. You should not sign an agreement that you don’t understand. Make sure you understand the terms down to the financial details. Divorce lawyers may bill by the minute for talking to you or speaking with others, such as your spouse’s lawyer. You might be billed for things like postage, couriers, detectives, supplies, secretarial and paralegal time, and faxes.

Expectations from the relationship may go beyond what is set in writing by the retainer agreement. Your relationship with your divorce attorney will be harmonious if both you and your lawyer are clear about each other’s expectations.

As a client, you can expect

  • A strategy, but be prepared for changes along the way. A strategy is a plan detailing the steps that your divorce lawyer will do to further your interests and settle your case. Your soon to be ex and their lawyer most likely will throw you curve-balls and road blocks. Remember that your attorney is working in your best interest; your ex’s lawyer is doing the same for your ex.
  • Your divorce lawyer should clearly explain all your options and help you make the best choice. If you disagree with your lawyer, tell him or her why you disagree and suggest and discuss another course of action. If you and your lawyer disagree continually, you’re either being unreasonable or your lawyer is a bad fit. Make sure that you are not in opposition to your lawyer’s recommendations because you’re responding emotionally to the issue instead of rationally.
  • Be prepared for bad news. Sometimes your spouse refuses to compromise on an important issue, you will have to let go of some of the things that you consider important. It also might be that are being unrealistic in your expectations.
  • Don’t expect a magician. Your divorce attorney will not always be able to pull the rabbit out of a hat.
  • Expect your lawyer to return your phone calls within 24 hours during office hours.
  • Expect your lawyer to consult with you on all decisions before taking action.

As in all partnerships, maintaining trust is not one-sided. Your divorce attorney expects

  • You to be businesslike, organized, and prepared;
  • To be concise in your objectives;
  • To listen, and consider the options carefully;
  • To be paid on time and in full;
  • For you not to call outside of office hours unless it’s an emergency;
  • For you not to dump your emotional baggage on him/her;
  • Honesty – tell the whole truth, even when it doesn’t put you in the best light;
  • To be realistic in your expectations;
  • To communicate openly;
  • Not to vent your frustrations on him/her about your spouse, the process, the legal system;
  • To keep all your communications confidential.

Going through a divorce is emotionally trying. If you keep the communication channels open and are honest with your divorce attorney with all aspects in your case, you can be sure that your divorce settlement will reflect your goals.

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