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5 Love Yourself Tips For Getting Over Divorce Anger

Anger is very scary to many people. You may be frightened of your extreme emotions or be terrified of the animosity displayed by your spouse during your divorce.

Being angry is normal. It’s one of the five stages of the grief process. It’s important that you allow yourself to go through this phase.

Although your anger is legitimate, not facing and dealing with it can both physically and mentally affect you. Anger with no outlet manifests itself in maladies like ulcers and depression.

What’s the alternative?

Many people can’t seem to work through their anger then let it go. The divorce has been intense, a struggle, and they can’t get over the feelings of rejection, mistrust, or failure. Instead of moving on, they stay angry for years after their divorce is final.

Not being able to let go of your anger will permeate and sour everything you do – from work, to children, to your future relationships. You have allowed yourself to become a perpetual victim, and you are spending valuable time and considerable energy focusing on the object of your anger – your ex-spouse.

Instead of using your anger in destructive ways, such as screaming or vindictiveness, consider what your anger can do if you use it constructively. You anger will let you take the bull by the horns and survive. It will let you stand up for yourself, take charge of your own life, and make things better for your children.

There are as many ways to deal with anger as there are people. It’s up to you to find a way to banish your stress, but there are some simple anger management techniques that you can try.

  1. Keeping a journal and writing down when you get angry. Note what set off your anger, the reason you got mad, and what you did about it. Journalizing helps you discover patterns that you can change. It’s all about taking control and resolving problems.
  2. Remember the good times in your relationship instead of dwelling on all the things that went wrong. It’s easier focusing on all the bad things when you’re mad. Focusing on the positive will help drive away negativity and keep the red monster from controlling your life.
  3. Talk about your anger, but don’t bore people. It’s OK to talk to friends and relatives about your anger. You friends and family are ready to listen up to a point. Talking it out helps you see a solution or family and friends may share a solution from their experience.
  4. Eating healthy food. Stressed people will turn to food to ease the pain. Overeating may cause you to feel sluggish. A balanced diet makes you feel strong and ready to conquer the world. Home cooking is usually healthier than eating out. If you don’t feel like cooking for one, call a friend, or several, and have company while you’re cooking.
  5. Exercise regularly. There is no better stress reliever that makes you feel alive. Get out of your house by walking the dog, playing a competitive game of tennis, going to the gym, or even taking up a new sport that you have always wanted to try.

Being angry about your divorce is normal. But also is finding a way to deal with your anger because many times anger will cloud your judgment. A hasty decision can affect your life long after your divorce is final.

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