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Can you recognize 8 signs of post-divorce stress?

The divorce process is disquieting for most couples. For many Houstonians, it’s a time of conflict and stress. The ugliness is toxic. The emotional ups and downs can leave you traumatized.

There’s no doubt breaking up brings up many negative emotions. Often these emotions last long after the ink dries on your divorce decree. The feeling of hopelessness interferes with everyday life and prevents you from moving forward. Although people expect you to be angry and depressed, every divorce is different, and everyone responds differently to the changed circumstance.

Mental health professionals shy away from calling what is generally referred to as “divorce baggage” as posttraumatic stress disorder, but people can display many of the symptoms of post-traumatic stress following their divorce. Nightmares, problems sleeping or concentrating, irritability and anger, preoccupation with revenge, and a sense of helplessness and despair are indicative that your brain can’t handle the shock.

Many people are able to deal with the post-divorce upheaval and move on. An equal number of newly divorced aren’t able to cope with the severe mental anguish. If you’re wondering if post-divorce stress isn’t letting you move on, ask yourself

  1. Are all your relationships with others built around your divorce? All your friends are from divorce support groups or divorce victims groups?
  2. Do you avoid people and places that remind you of your married life? Are you hyper vigilant to bypass memories of your former life?
  3. Are you unable to think about the future and make plans?
  4. Do you have nightmares or recurring nightmares about your married life or divorce?
  5. Do you feel like you are no longer in control of your life? Do you still blame others for your marriage’s breakup?
  6. Do you get angry or irritable without reason or over small, insignificant things?
  7. Are you still wasting time trying to find ways to manipulate and get back at your ex?
  8. Do you have trouble concentrating at work or at home?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, it’s a sign that you have not quite gotten over your breakup and may be afflicted by post-divorce stress. To help you cope with your changed life, make sure that you engage in activities that are emotionally and physically nurturing. Find things to do that make you feel good and that are fun. Don’t worry about things that are beyond your control – remember that you can’t direct the actions of others – and don’t make hasty decisions.

It’s important to recognize signs of post-divorce stress. If you don’t recognize the symptoms, how can you address the issues and move on? Seek help if you think you can’t do it alone, but always keep in mind that it will get better.

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