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Handling Fall Schedules: Advice from a Houston Divorce Attorney

Back to school time around the country signals the start of fuller day planners, fall activities, and the return of the holiday season. For any family with school-age children, this is a busy time, but especially so for divorced parents. With each parent juggling his or her own schedules plus co-parenting young children, it can be quite the challenge. Fortunately, renowned Houston divorce attorney and family lawyer John K. Grubb has tips for making the fall time transition a breeze.

Developing a Plan for Separate Parenting

Waiting until the last minute to plan anything is never in anyone’s best interests, and this is especially the case with planning school or holiday events. If it is possible to work closely with your ex-spouse for a brief period, develop a strategy for busy autumn days. Discuss who will be picking up the kids on which days, and who will have them for what holidays. Figuring this out ahead of time will save stress and headaches for everyone involved, advises your Houston divorce lawyer. Sharing your plans with the children will help their peace of mind as well, as they don’t have to worry about which parent they will be seeing for Thanksgiving, Christmas, etc.

Allow for Flexibility When Needed

While having a solid plan in place is the best thing you can do for your own sanity, be prepared in case something unexpected occurs. Your child or children might (and probably will) have changes in school activities. They might make plans with friends and forget to tell a parent until the last minute. When this happens, don’t overreact. You and your ex-spouse must present a united front in parenting, and allow for some alterations to the schedule, while still making the child aware of time constraints. On the other hand, concerning pre-planned weekend visitations, the child might suddenly decide that he or she does not want to spend time with a certain parent. This is where your Houston family lawyer will tell you that a united front is again important. Children will play one parent off the other if allowed, and they must come to realize that even though you are not married anymore, you are still a unit when it comes to parenting.

Enjoy Moments of Downtime

Quiet time is rare during the autumn months, so when an opportunity arises to relax, either by yourself or with your child, take advantage of it. Establish new holiday traditions, go gift shopping early, and let your child know that even though the fall and winter seasons may be different since the divorce, they can still be special. Your family lawyer will advise you to stop and breathe, as stress during and after a divorce can lead to depression.

For any questions about the divorce process, or any other aspect of family law, call 713-877-8800. Houston family lawyer John K. Grubb and his team can assist with any legal concerns.

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