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Houston Family Lawyer Explains Cures for “Divorce Hangover”

You do not necessarily have to drink to get a hangover – a divorce hangover, that is.  It’s not just an amusing expression though. A divorce hangover is a term that has been used frequently in recent years to explain the emotional turmoil following a divorce. A divorce hangover can also mean holding on to people or things in your life that are linked to your divorce, preventing you from moving on.  Instead of playing badminton with your emotions and risking your health, read up on how to prevent a divorce hangover with these tips from a premier Houston family lawyer.

Give Yourself Time to Process Emotions

It’s natural to be upset, angry, hurt, and emotionally volatile during and after a divorce. The important thing to remember is that this is normal, and rushing through the different emotional stages might do more harm than good. Recognize the changes that have come your way, and resolve that they happened for a reason – you will have a better life after the divorce. Allow yourself to feel sad, but in the end turn the negative thoughts into good ones. Do not hesitate to turn to family and friends for emotional support, while your family lawyer handles the legal issues.

Set New Personal Goals

Giving yourself a goal enables you to have something to look forward to, and gives you a sense of purpose. Whether it is a structured new fitness regimen or a home renovation project, the act of working toward a goal is empowering. Plus, the new routine will offer a welcome change from your old life and patterns. Filling your mind with productive thoughts and plans will distract from excess emotional turmoil.


Tie Up Loose Ends

Let go of anything in your life that might link you to negative associations from your divorce. Friends that you had while married that constantly talk about your old life, magazines that still have your married name listed on the subscription, your former spouse’s clothes sitting in the dresser drawers – these are all examples of the divorce hangover. Your Houston divorce lawyer will tell you that recognizing the signs is the first step to positive change. Do not hesitate to cut all ties with unhealthy relationships from your past, and throw out (or donate) items that may remind you of your divorce in a negative way.

Ultimately, your divorce leads to good things. Becoming more well-rounded as an individual, greater sense of self, and personal empowerment – these are all things that people suffering emotional distress from a divorce have to look forward to. Remain vigilant against the tell-tale signs of a divorce hangover, and soon you will be living as your best self. To schedule a consultation with Premier Houston family lawyer, John K. Grubb, call 713-877-8800.

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