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Navigating the Holidays: Houston Divorce Lawyer Explains

The first holiday season spent as a newly divorced individual can be a very difficult time. The new schedule for family and friends, shuttling the kids back and forth, and a new living arrangement can make a usually fun-filled season not so very joyous. There are ways to make the best of the situation though, and your Houston divorce lawyer offers up several ways to do so.

Create New Holiday Traditions

Old traditions may hold a fond place in your heart, but dwelling too much on those memories may cause depression, says your Houston family lawyer. Instead, think of new ways to make the holidays this year special for you and your children. Start a brand new tradition that you may never have made time for in previous years: watch an old movie, go Christmas shopping, or bake something together. Regardless of what you choose to do, really try to connect with your children. No doubt they will feel the differences between this holiday season and past ones as well. Try to help them to understand that different does not have to mean bad, and that this is the start of a new, happier time for the whole family.

Avoid Stressing Over Family Gatherings

This year, you will probably be spending a good amount of your time trying to figure out where you and your children will spend the holidays – with which set of grandparents that is. While many newly divorced couples take the children to each of their respective family’s holiday celebrations over a one or two-day period, this can cause even more of a headache. Your Houston family lawyer advises to make it as simple as possible, for the sake of your sanity and your children’s enjoyment of the season. If meeting your ex midday through Thanksgiving Day to pick up the children and shuttle them over to your parent’s house is too complicated, don’t do it. Take the day to enjoy some peaceful time if you have been especially stressed lately. Chances are your family members are going to be incredibly understanding of the fact that you have just gone through a divorce, and not give you any grief for skipping out on the family dinner.

Maintain Positivity

You will hear repeatedly, from your divorce lawyer and family members, how important it is to keep a positive mindset. This is especially true when it comes to the first holiday season after your divorce. As mentioned previously, memories of holidays past may cause depression and sadness. You may even start to feel regret and anger at yourself. Remember that the divorce happened for a reason, and paved the way for other happier times to come. Use this season to really embrace the changes in your life, and celebrate the simpler joys – family, friends, and your children.

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