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Preparing for Divorce with Your Houston Family Lawyer

While the idea of preparing for a divorce may seem far-fetched (how does one prepare for a complete life change), the fact of the matter is that going into the legal proceedings that follow a divorce decision with a plan in place can make all the difference in your stress level. Armed with these tips from your Houston family lawyer, you will be better prepared for the legalities in the months ahead.

Writing down the Details

As hard as it may be to have a serious, civil conversation with your soon to be ex-spouse, try to have a discussion about child custody, real estate, and other vitals as soon as possible. If it is necessary to involve your family lawyer, do so. Write down any decisions made so that you can talk them over with your divorce lawyer at a later date. If there are issues that you know will be a cause of disagreement between the two of you, try to avoid them. The important thing to remember is that by deciding some of the legal issues in advance, your divorce case can actually be expedited.

A very important aspect of this discussion is figuring out a parenting plan. However you decide to share custody or divide up your weekends, make sure that your children are the biggest priority. Do not wait until the middle of the divorce proceedings, when tensions can be at their peak, to decide on a schedule for the children.

Try to Avoid Playing the Blame Game

Your Houston divorce lawyer recommends keeping this in mind throughout the entire separation and divorce process, not just at the beginning. Lessen hostility by avoiding the issue of blame. “It’s your fault that our kids are going through this,” “We wouldn’t be dealing with this if it weren’t for you,” etc.; phrases such as these can only cause hurt feelings and impede the divorce process. Self-blame is just as bad, and can lead to depression and anger. When your thoughts start turning to blame in either direction, try to redirect your attention to the positives that will come out of the divorce – independence and a new life for yourself.

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