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Child Support & Prom Costs, SAT Tutoring, and College Prep

The primary aim of child support is to ensure the necessities for the children of divorced parents. A family law court will look into the income and assets of both spouses and determine what amount of money the payor parent needs to send the payee parent in order to meet a child’s basic needs like food, shelter, education and health care.

As many divorced parents are well aware, however, basic needs are far from the only costs that the parent with custody has to pay. Costs that a custodial parent may have to pay that may not have been a part of the initial child support determination include the following:

  • Extracurricular school activities like prom and sports
  • Additional tutoring services for school subjects or for college entrance exams like the SAT or ACT
  • Other costs associated with attending college like college visits and applications

How can a custodial parent receive a fairer split of those extra expenses? If you are a custodial parent, you and your attorney should be revising the child support arrangement periodically. If you became divorced when your child was three, you likely made no provision for prom expenses. However, 14 years later, you may find yourself paying a number of new expenses like prom costs and college application fees.

These new expenses are grounds to revisit your child support agreement. You should not be bearing these costs alone, as your ex-spouse should also be paying his or her fair share of the costs of raising your child. You will be able to submit documentation regarding your additional expenses to your family law court, and the judge will decide how to fairly apportion the new expenses between the two parents.

Have you made adjustments your initial child support determination? What circumstances changed in your and your child’s lives?

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