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The Advantages to Child Counseling: Houston Family Lawyer Explains

For children as well as adults, going through a divorce can be an emotional rollercoaster. However when it comes to communication, adults have the clear advantage. Young children usually have not gained the ability to express their thoughts in a clarified manner, and in the busy aftermath of a divorce, often choose to keep their innermost feelings to themselves. Keeping these feelings bottled up can lead to further damage down the road, manifesting itself in many different ways. Expressing their feelings and reactions to a trusted adult, such as a counselor or therapist, during and after the divorce process is one way to ensure that children stay stable and well adjusted throughout their lives. Your Houston family lawyer provides advice and clarification for this step.

Houston Child Counseling for Divorce Trauma

Children of all ages can benefit from counseling or therapy sessions. The focused, time can help them address their feelings and give them ways to cope with stress. Plus, for that period of time they are the sole focus of attention, without tension between their parents, as they work out terms with a divorce attorney. In the calming environment of a counseling session, children are able to be in complete control, as well as have their own personal advocate to help them sort out emotions.

Allowing Children to Express Themselves

Throughout the difficulties of a divorce case, children might feel as though their parents are too busy to listen to them, or even that they are a burden to their parents. This is not to say that the parents are neglectful – just that children rationalize things differently. Giving them access to a counselor allows them to talk about their fears in complete freedom. A third party therapist is able to reassure children that their parents do still love them, and no, the divorce was not the child’s fault. Allowing children to express themselves in this tough situation is promoting healthy development, and in the end, is helping the parents as well.

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